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At Spa myBlend, the only location of its kind in The Americas, a truly personalized spa experience awaits you.

What We Believe

Personalized Experiences

Caring for the planet means above all reducing the environmental impact of the group’s activities in France and in the world. In 2020, Clarins became carbon neural and committed to maintaining this neutrality in the coming years.

The Domaine Clarins

An open-air laboratory and exceptional source of organic raw materials. Nestled high up in the French Alps, at an altitude of 1400 metres, 10 hectares are dedicated to observing and growing plants that are used in Clarins formulas.

Professional Care

Our Registered Massage Therapists and aestheticians are here to provide truly personalized and expert therapy, which is an essential part of your self-care. Let us help you to focus on your health and wellness with Registered Massage Therapy at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto.

Natural & Sustainable

Adjusting outer cartons, reducing packaging, choosing materials from renewable sources, incorporating recycled material.

Intelligent Skincare

myBlend is based on an exclusive Cell Synergy Complex®, an anti-ageing peptide concentrate, along with plant extracts responding to the needs of different skin profiles.

Fair Trade Practices

For many years, Clarins has been engaged in supporting sustainable agriculture, that protects both man and nature.

Dr. Olivier Courtin

myBlend is the unique creation of Dr. Olivier Courtin, son of Jacques Courtin (founder of Clarins), and a reputed physician. Dr. Olivier Courtin practiced as a surgeon, specializing in injuries sustained by top-level athletes.

Surgery led him to study the skin’s healing process, and gain expertise in individual skin profiles and skin recovery capacities. His family background motivated him to conduct extensive scientific research on skin biology, which become his second passion. He joined the Clarins Group in 1995 as Managing Director of Head of the Group’s Research Laboratories.

myBlend is based on his studies and proof that every skin has the potential to regenerate and repair cells when the skin’s neuro-immune system is at its peek. Cells become healthier and stronger, leading to younger-looking skin.