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A truly personalized spa experience awaits you.
Swedish / Aromatherapy Massage
A consultation with your therapist will determine the appropriate pressure and desired results, for a tailor-made treatment designed for your individual needs. Your choice of our finest grade aromatherapy oil blends will be used in this supremely relaxing and highly personalized massage experience.
Suggested enhancement: MY BLEND Regenerating Facial Therapy
Hot Stone Massage
A thorough body massage using heated basalt lava stones reduces stress and soothes aching muscles, bringing about a state of deep relaxation.
Suggested enhancement: Paraffin Hand or Foot Treatment
Deep Tissue Massage
A deep massage designed to ease severe tension in the muscles and bring relief to an active body.
Suggested enhancement: Revitalizing Body Scrub
Massages From Around The World
Discover ancient massage techniques from around the world performed by our expert therapists. To create your custom experience, please select one from the following:

- Shiatsu: A traditional Japanese massage technique based on the theory of energy where manual pressure is applied to specific points on the body to relieve tension and pain. Shiatsu is ideal to prevent Tension Headaches, Sciatic Nerve Syndrome and other common muscular tension in the body. This treatment is highly recommended for gym lovers and athletes, does not require oil or lotion, and is performed while in sports clothing.

- Thai: During this treatment the body is compressed, pulled and stretched, while combined with deep static and rhythmic pressures. Traditional Thai Massage, often referred to as “passive yoga”, does not require oil or lotion. To experience this treatment, please wear warm, loose-fitting clothing. Thai Massage is performed on a firm mattress on the floor of your treatment room.

- Reiki: A Japanese healing technique based on the principle that the therapist is able to channel energy into the guest by means of touch. This energy touch activates the natural healing processes of the body and restores physical and emotional well-being.

- Craniosacral Therapy: A hands-on manual therapy which eliminates muscular restriction and promotes the release of nervous tension. Highly effective in treating stress, headaches, teeth grinding/TMJ, migraines, post-pregnancy pelvic discomfort and muscular imbalances. Unlike a massage treatment which presses and moves tissue, craniosacral therapy requires holding a body part in stillness for extended periods of time. Contraindications include concussion/whiplash in the last 6 months, diagnosed brain tumor and a heart pacer. No oils are used during this treatment.

- Reflexology: This treatment involves the application of pressure to the hands, feet and ears with specific thumb, finger, and hand techniques. It is based on a system of zones and reflex areas that purportedly reflect an image of the body on the feet, hands and ears with the premise that such work affects a physical change to the body.

- Lomi Lomi: This massage is a traditional Polynesian technique focused on energy flow. Hawaiian belief is that Lomi Lomi helps to release blockages in the body giving energy new direction. Lomi Lomi is very relaxing and promotes emotional, mental, spiritual and physical healing.

- West + East: This unique experience features a Swedish Massage with elements of Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Reflexology.

Suggested enhancement: Foot Ritual
Prenatal Massage
Enjoy all the benefits of a relaxing, full-body massage. This luxurious treatment uses advanced massage techniques and a nourishing oil, for a feeling of comfort and well-being.
Suggested enhancement: Lighter Legs *not recommended during the first trimester
Rebalancing Massage with Essential Oils
A sweet honey massage that alternates manual movements and hot polished marble stones to promote complete and utter relaxation. This truly soothing experience uses a honey-textured massage medium that blends gently into the skin to eliminate tension and prolong the feeling of wellbeing.
Suggested enhancement: Revitalizing Body Scrub
The Art of Touch
The Art of Touch is a complete, energizing, regenerating treatment for the face and body. It is an experience to help balance harmony and energy. It relaxes the features of the face and gives a new vitality to the body. This new concept is based on three energetic touches that bring the very best in massage and skincare.

The Balancing Touch = brings relaxation

The Stimulating Touch = energizes the entire body

The Enveloping Touch = regeneration

A unique melting ClarinsPRO professional product rich in Shea Butter, Carnauba Wax and Coconut Oil is used to give the optimal effectiveness. Clarins expertise at its very best.
Suggested enhancement:Tonic Sweet & Salty
60min $195
Floating on a Cloud
Our signature treatment will entice all of your senses. You will be welcomed with a warming foot ritual to refresh your soles with an exfoliation made from essential oils of rosemary, rosewood and mint blended with salt and sugar. You will then be introduced to a selection of the finest aromatherapy oils, which will be used in performing a deeply relaxing, full-body massage. The oils are enriched with hazelnut oil rich in vitamin E to provide your skin with nutritive benefits. This experience will leave you completely relaxed, as though you were floating on a cloud.
Suggested enhancement: File & Polish
90min $235
The JetLag Reviver
Whether you are recovering from extensive travel or a hectic lifestyle, this ritual will revive you from head to toe. The treatment begins with a back exfoliation followed by a deeply relaxing hot stone back massage. You will then enjoy a neck, shoulder and scalp massage to reduce tension and promote relaxation. A nourishing facial massage will re-energize the skin and leave you refreshed and revitalized. The treatment will be completed with a foot massage and an application of stimulating leg emulsion to promote circulation and reduce water retention.
Suggested enhancement: Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
90min $235
Personalized Couples Massage
With the personalized attention of his or her own therapist, each guest can select their preferred massage, to be performed in tandem in our luxurious couples treatment suite. Suggested enhancement: Personalized Couples Facial.
Floating on a Cloud...Together
Experience side-by-side treatments in your own private suite. This signature treatment has been designed to entice all of your senses. You are welcomed with a warming foot ritual that refreshes your soles with an exfoliation made from the essential oils of rosemary, rosewood and mint blended with salt and sugar. You will be introduced to a selection of the finest aromatherapy oils, which will be used in performing a deeply relaxing, full-body massage. It’s the perfect way to reconnect by taking some well-deserved time-out, together. Enjoy 30 minutes of relaxation after the treatment in our luxurious couples treatment suite and refresh with a glass of bubbly.
Suggested enhancement: Soothing Bath Experience
120min $665
The Couple’s Retreat
- Clarins Skin Solution
- Swedish / Aromatherapy Massage
- Classic Pedicure
In your private suite, experience our Swedish Massage and Clarins Skin Solution Facial, followed by our Classic Pedicure.* Enjoy our truly customized retreat for two. *Pedicure performed in our Champagne Nail Bar.
180min $875
Sports Manicure
Smooth away the rough edges of an active lifestyle with this invigorating treatment that leaves your hands looking naturally refined.
30min $55
Sports Pedicure
Feet really get a workout, and this treatment provides a soothing, relaxing experience that will keep yours healthy and handsome.
60min $90
Gentlemen’s Power Hour
Short on time but need to look your best? Choose from our express men’s maintenance services and get back to your desk looking fresh and fantastic in one hour. Choose one from each group below for a total of three express treatments.

Group A

- Express Cleansing Facial
- Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
- Sports Manicure

Group B

- Soothing Scalp Massage
- Therapeutic Foot Massage
- Man-E-Cure Nail Buff and File

Group C

- Brow, Nose or Ear Waxing
- Anti-inflammatory Eye Treatment
- 15 minute Power Nap
60min $185
Skin Purifier
Tailored for a man’s unique skincare needs, this treatment includes a deeply purifying and detoxifying cleansing method that soothes skin irritated by daily shaving.
Suggested enhancement: Aromatherapy Massage
60min $195
Blokes and Beer
A revitalizing treatment designed with the beer-lover in mind. This service includes a “Man-E-Cure,” a personalized facial and a full-body massage. Post-treatment, enjoy chilled bottles of Mill St. Organic Lager as you relax in our Gentlemen’s Lounge. This treatment will have you feeling refreshed and in good spirits!
150min $395
The Champagne Nail Bar
The Classic Manicure
Enjoy a harmonizing soak, relaxing application of hydrating cream, cuticle clean-up, nail shaping and expertly applied polish.
45min $70
The Classic Pedicure
Enjoy a harmonizing soak, relaxing application of hydrating cream, cuticle clean-up, nail shaping and expertly applied polish.
60min $95
Age-Defying Signature Manicure
This rejuvenating treatment leaves hands soft and beautiful and feeling wonderful. It includes detailed cuticle work, an exfoliator, a soothing massage and a warming mask and paraffin treatment.
60min $85
Precision Signature Pedicure
A complete treatment using precision tools to reveal beautiful, lighter-feeling feet.
75min $120
File & Polish 20min $35
Shellac File & Polish
The original Power Polish which provides you with extended wear of superior colour and shine with no dry time. Improve your nails and remain perfectly polished for any occasion. Please book extra time for Shellac removal. Additional fee may apply
30min $50
Shellac Manicure 45min $80
Shellac Pedicure 60min $105
Signature Champagne Manicure
Our newest signature treatment includes a classic manicure with a relaxing hand and arm hot stone massage and hydrating paraffin mask. Included in this lavish treatment is a glass of champagne.
60min $115
Signature Champagne Pedicure
A decadent and results-oriented treatment combining our Precision Pedicure with luxury and of course a glass of champagne to sip while being truly pampered.
75min $135
The Rejuvenation Experience
- Relaxing Mud Wrap
- Rebalancing Massage
- MY BLEND Regenerating Facial Therapy
- Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
- Classic Manicure
- Classic Pedicure
5hrs 30min $870
The Stress Reliever
- Relaxing Mud Wrap
- Swedish / Aromatherapy Massage
- Clarins Anti-Aging Facial
3hrs 15min $540
Recapture Your Glow
- Tonic Sweet and Salty
- Clarins Skin Solution
- Signature Manicure
2hrs 45min $430
Perfect Detox Program
- The Revitalizing Body Scrub
- Body Shaper
- Clarins Skin Solution
2hrs 30min $440
The Holistic Stress Buster
This personalized journey begins with a refreshing foot treatment, followed by a complete body scrub to enhance the unique sensation of well-being. Enjoy a soothing application of hydrating cream and a relaxing neck, shoulder and scalp massage while your feet are enveloped in deeply moisturizing warm paraffin. You will be cocooned in a soft blanket while enjoying a nourishing, energizing facial treatment. Utter bliss!
Suggested enhancement: Personal Training Session
2hrs $380
Anti-Aging Eye Treatment
Enhance your facial with a complete eye contour treatment to decongest, smooth, moisturize and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
15min $50
Soothing Scalp Massage
This deeply relaxing massage provides an ideal enhancement to any treatment and is the perfect antidote to stress.
15min $50
Therapeutic Foot Massage
Relieve stress with a therapeutic treatment that stimulates key pressure points for all-over relaxation.
15min $50
Foot Ritual
A welcoming ritual to cleanse and exfoliate your feet – and the perfect prelude to any spa treatment. Includes a relaxing massage to increase energy levels and release tension.
15min $50
The Energy Recharger Facial
This highly concentrated vitamin treatment helps reveal a healthy, glowing complexion. Followed by a nourishing massage, this treatment will restore the skin’s natural energy and vitality. The perfect addition to any body treatment.
30min $100
Lighter Legs
Stimulate circulation and reduce water retention and swelling. Active ingredients such as chamomile, basil and sage will relax, tone and re-energize tired legs.
30min $100
Revitalizing Body Scrub
The ultimate glow-getter! Clarins’ tantalizing body polisher combines essential oils of rosemary, rosewood and mint with sugar and salt for a luxurious experience that smoothes away dead cells to reveal glowing skin.
30min $100
Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage
This tailor-made upper body massage targets tension points and provides instant relief.
30min $100
Paraffin Hand or Foot
A warm, soothing wrap that produces exceptional hydration of hands or feet. A nourishing blend of 10 vitamins provides the nutrients vital to healthy skin and is ideal for renewal and maintenance.
Enhancement $25